Visualization Meditation

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How To Use This Meditation:

As best you can, try to choose a quiet place to do the meditation in so that you can experience the most benefit from it. Using headphones is highly recommended but not necessary.

This meditation is 15 minutes, and it is split into 3 different parts. The first 5 minutes is a guided meditation where I will talk and guide your mind and thoughts and you will simply listen and follow my guidance. The next 5 minutes is a silent meditation, and here you will learn to meditate alone; there will be no music and I will not be talking. During this time, all you will need to do is to put your attention on one thing and focus on it. Normally I would recommend to focus on your breathing, but if you find that it is very hard for you, you can choose something else. Instead of focusing on your breathing it might be easier for you to choose to listen to something simple, such as the sound of the air conditioner if you have one. Simply put all your attention on the sound of the air conditioner and that will make it easier to focus. It is very normal for your mind to wander, if you notice yourself thinking of something else, simply bring your attention back to your breathing (or the air conditioner). The last 5 minutes of the meditation will be what I like to call inner work. It will also be a guided meditation where I will talk and you will follow my guidance, but this section will focus a lot on clearing your energy and helping you heal. Because once your energy clears everything that you've been struggling with in your personal life will start to adjust and resolve itself as well. I highly recommend that you implement any suggestions I give you, during this part of the meditation, later on in your day.

This meditation is part of a package of 4 meditations and should be used together. The 4 meditations should be used in this consecutive order: Reminiscence, Visualization, Forgiveness and Atonement. All meditations should be repeated (using one per day) for a minimum period of 1 month to experience the most benefit.